Walter Cooking Face
Actor Kiff VandenHeuvel
Gender Male
Hair Dark Grey
Age Late 40's
Occupation Teacher
Family Boyfriend - Matthew (Deceased)
First Appearance "A House Divided"
Last Appearance "A House Divided"
Death Episode "A House Divided"
Cause of Death Executed by William Carver.
Status Dead
Killing Walter
Walter is executed by Carver.
Walter is a kind-hearted man who always tries to help people. He is a survivor at a ski lodge trying to survive the Walkers there.


The Walking Dead Game Season TwoEdit

"A House Divided"Edit

Walter first appears with Sarita and Kenny arguing with the Cabin Survivors. They stopped fighting when Kenny saw that Clementine is with the group. He welcomes the group with open arms inside the lodge and asks for them to put their weapons down.

He cooks beans for the survivors and sits with Kenny and Sarita when eating dinner. While Kenny and Luke is fighting he gets Clementine out of it by telling her to help him with something. They have a brief coinversation outside before Kenny joins them. While walking they see a girl watching them, Walter asks what is her name, she responds by saying Bonnie. He brings a box of food for her "family".

When Walter discovers what Nick did to his boyfriend he becomess depressed. When the Walkers attack them he can either save Nick or leave him to get eaten alive. After Kenny shoots Johnny dead, William Carver shoots Walter in vengeance.



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