Urthemiel is one of the two main villains in Dragon Age: Orgins alongside Logain. Urthemiel is a dragon of beauty and was awaken prior the events of Origins. Upon its awakening, the Fifth Blight started.

Actor Dragon Sounds
Gender Unknown
Hair Scaples
Occupation Darkspawn Leader (Formerly)
Family Darkspawn
Daughter - Uzura
First Appearance Dragon Age: Origins
Last Appearance Dragon Age: Origins
Cause of Death Stabbed in the head by The Warden.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan Dragon Age: Orgins
Warden's Death
Stabbed in the head by The Warden.


Dragon Age: OriginsEdit

Urthemiel is the main antagonist in Dragon Age: Origins and is first seen in a nightmare by the Wardens. It was recently seen in The Warden's nightmare after they're ritual. The Warden and their companions first witness Urthemiel in person in the Dead Trenches. Here it commands the army of Darkspawn and send them to the surface.

In the finale of the game, it attacks the city of Denerim with its horde of Darkspawn. The Warden learns by Riordan that a warden must sacrifice themselves to fully destroy a archdemon. It is slayed by the last two(or three) wardens, making the Fifth Blight the shortes and ending it in its very first year.

However, if The Warden, Alistair or Logain did a dark ritual with Morrigan then it dies but its soul will be transferred to Morrigan's child and the child will not be evil.

Dragon Age: AsunderEdit

A duplicate of Urthemiel appears in the Fade to fight Wynne, Shale, Rhys and the templar, mage, Adrian and the tranquil. Wynne later revals that the Urthemiel they fought was just a demon disguised through her memories at the battle of Denerim.

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  • Dragon Age: Origins