The Thorian is an ancient sentient plant at least fifty thousand years old. The Thorian is a villian in Mass Effect 1.

The Thorian
The Thorian
Vital statistics
Position Sentient Plant

Clone Producer

Age At least 50 000
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Mass EffectEdit

Fight on FerosEdit

After Commander Shepard went into the Exo-Geni building, its massive sensory network detected what the commander intends to do. The Thorian controlled the colonists to turn on Shepard and they're squad and even tried to attack the Normandy. It tried one last attempt against them with Fai Dan, who resisted and shot himself.

Once underground, Shepard's team finds the Thorian's lair. Upon the commander's approach, it created a clone of Shiala and attempted to kill the commander again. Through the clone it refers itself as the "old growth", telling Shepard to be in awe.

After being betrayed by Saren, it is not interested in making a deal with the commander and began sending clones and Thorian Creepers against Shepard and they're team. Shepard destroys the neaural nodes throughout the building. This lets the Thorian fall to its death.

After the battle, Shepard was suprised by Shiala that she is almost sad for The Thorian even what it did to her and the colonists.


  • When Shepard asks Shiala(if she survived) about the Thorian and if it is really dead, which she confirms.