Tavia is a recruiter for William Carver's community in Virginia. She served as a protagonist in 400 Days but is a villain in Season Two.
Actor Rashida Clendening
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Recruiter for William Carver.
Family Unknown
First Appearance "400 Days" (Epilogue)
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan "400 Days" to "Amid The Ruins" (Unknown).


The Walking Dead Game Season 1Edit

"400 Days"Edit

Only her hand is first shown taking pictures of the five survivors. After all of the stories are played, she is revealed talking to a man with a radio about the survivors and will meet with them that night. When she arrives at the camp she meets Bonnie, Becca, Shel, Wyatt and Vince. She talks to them about her safe shelter up north and wants the group to come with her.

Based on the choices the group made before, some or all of them goes with Tavia to the shelter. Regardless Bonnie always go and Tavia gives the group the pictures, asking what they will do with it.

The Walking Dead Game Season TwoEdit

"In Harm's Way"Edit

Tavia first appears outside the van with Clementine, Kenny, Sarita, Rebecca, Carlos, Sarah, Nick(Determinant) and Alvin(determinant) inside. She, Troy and Bonnie takes the group to the yard outside the store. The next morning she gives Clementine her next job for the day.

At night Clementine sneeks into the storage area where Tavia is looking after the walkies. If Vince came with her he warns Tavia about smoking and will tell Carver.

After the Walkers came and Carver was killed she and other guards starts killing walkers and searches for the escaping group.

"Amid the Ruins"Edit

Tavia is seen with the rest of the Howe' Hardware survivors on the roof, defending the community from the incoming herd. If Nick survived the attack at the ski lodge, then Tavia will shoot him in the shoulder, thinking he was a walker.




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