Taliana Martinez is a woman who can join the protagonists in heists during GTA V. She will act as a getaway driver in the heists. She can however die during a car crash.
  Taliana Martinez
Taliana in GTA V
Actor Carolina Ravassa
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Getaway Driver
Family Unknown
First Appearance Grand Theft Auto V
Last Appearance Grand Theft Auto V (Determinant)
Death Grand Theft Auto V (Determinant)
Cause of Death Dies from blood loss or in a helicopter crash. (Determinant)
Status Determinant
Series Lifespan Grand Theft Auto V to present. (Determinant)



"Car Crash"Edit

Taliana is first seen in her car that is in a ditch and is on fire. Taliana will crawl out of her car and pleads for Trevor, Franklin or Michael to help her and take her to Sandy Shores as fast as possible so that she could get patched up. If the protagonist is to slow to reach Sandyu Shores, then she will die or if she was left at the ditch.

"The Bureau Raid"Edit

"Roof Method"Edit

If she was chosen to be a part of the heist, then she will arrive with the ambulance in time to help the others escape from the police.

"The Big Score"Edit

"Subtle Aproach"Edit

She will manage to get all of the gold into the cars without any problems and she also manages to escape the police and keep her part of the gold. If she was chosen to be the second driver then she will still survive the heist.

"Obvious Aproach"Edit

She can be either assigned to the helicopter or train. If she is was chosen as the train driver then she will do a very good job and survive. If she was chosen as the helicopter's pilot, she can get killed if Trevor doesn't destroy all of the buzzards and making the crew lose half of the gold.


  • Composure
  • Driving Skill
  • Vehicle Choice