Sovereign is one of the main antagonists in Mass Effect. It is was the first Rearper to appear int the franchise. It "worked" alongside Saren to bring back the other Reapers to begin the extinction of the life cycle from Dark Space.

Sovereign Reaper
Species Reaper
Voice Actor Peter Jessop
a.k.a. Vanguard of Destruction
Eyes Presumed Red
Homeworld Dark Space
Family Creators - Leviathan
Status Dead
Occupation Vanguard
Death Episode Mass Effect
Cause of Death Got shot by Alliance ships and exploded.
Series Lifespan Mass Effect


Mass EffectEdit

"Eden Prime"Edit

Sovereign is first seen through a video that Commander Shepard, David Anderson and Nihlus watched to see what happened to the squad and the prothean beacon on Eden Prime. After Shepard, Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams reached the transport station where Nihlus was killed, they witnessed Sovereign leaving the planet.

Saren and Matraiarch Benezia uses Sovereign as a ship later on. When Saren hears about Shepard and the beacon he entered into a rage while being transported by Sovereign.


After Shepard touched another beacon, Sovereign directly talked to Shepard about the cycle that cannot be broken and that the Reapers do not have a beginning or an end. It shatters the glass nearby when geth starts to attack Shepard and their squad.

"Battle for the Citadel"Edit

Sovereign starts to open the Citadel arms for the other reapers to arrive. When Saren gets killed it transforms him into a husk version of himself to fight Shepards and their squad, only to get killed again. The Alliance fleet shoots Sovereign with all of the power they got to kill it. Sovereign lets go of the Citadel and explodes, leaving only little fragments falling.

Even after Sovereign's death, Shepards doesn't stop and starts to get ready for the other reapers.

Mass Effect 2Edit

"Legion's Information on Sovereign"Edit

Commander Shepard asks Legion about Sovereign and its motives with the geth. Legion gives Shepard lots of information like its known name between the geth.

Mass Effect 3Edit

"Tracking Leviathan"Edit

When Shepards investigates Dr.Bryson's lab after his death, Shepard finds a fragment of Sovereign there. Later on, Ann Bryson reveals that her father was very excited when he found the piece of fragment.