Shel TWD
Actor Cissy Jones
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Age Early to mid 20's.
Occupation Guard (Determinant)
Family Sister - Becca
First Appearance "400 Days"
Last Appearance "400 Days" or "In Harm's Way".
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan "400 Days" to present. (Unknown)

Shel is one of the main protagonists in 'The Walking Dead: Season One'400 Days and is the caring sister of Becca. She can be a returning character in The Walking Dead: Season Two, but as a villain.


Season OneEdit

"400 Days"Edit

She and Becca is first seen escaping the Walkers while Vince, Justin and Danny is sitting in the prison bus.

A woman stole medical supplies from Shel's group. She, Roman, Stephanie and Clive chases after them in a cornfield. Only to find the woman dead and her husband(determinant) there.

She and the group at Gil's Pistop listens to Becca playing a guitar. After that she went with Roman to feed the "watch dogs". She and Roman argue about Becca wanting to feed them as well and that Becca won't have a easy life in the world now. Shel investigates what the one walker was eating, seeing a dead puppy. She returns back to the kitchen, but gets scared by Becca before Stephanie calls the both of them to find Roman. They find him, Clive, Joyce and Boyd looking at a beated and tied man who tried to steal their supplies. Shel can decide if they should kill the man or not.

After a while she and Becca plays cards in their r.v.. Roman tells Shel what Stephanie tried to do with their supplies and wants Shel to be the one to kill her friend. Shel can talk to the group before meeting with Roman as well. Shel must then decide to kill Stephanie or leave the camp with Becca.


Shel and Becca joined Vince, Bonnie, Russell and Wyatt at they're camp. A woman named Tavia offers them to join her and her community. If Shel didn't kill Stephanie, she and Becca will immediately join Tavia.

Season TwoEdit

"In Harm's Way"Edit

Shel and Becca can appear at Howe's Hardware if they joined Tavia at the camp. When Clementine walks through them she calms Becca down from hating Sarah.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Possibly countless zombies
  • Roberto (Caused, Determinant)
  • Boyd (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Stephanie (Determinant)



Appearances Edit

Season OneEdit

  • "400 Days"

Season TwoEdit

  • "In Harm's Way" (Determinant)