Shale is a stone golem and is a companion of The Warden in Dragon Age: Orgins. Shale was previously a female dwarf who was made into the current stone golem form. It also appears in Dragon Age The Stolen Throne and Asunder.
Actor Geraldine Blecker
Gender Female (Foremrly) N/A
Hair Bald
Occupation Warrior (Formerly) Golem
Family Unknown
First Appearance Dragon Age:Origins
Last Appearance Dragon Age: Origins (Determinant)
Cause of Death Killed by The Warden at the Anvil of the Void or at camp. (Determinant)
Status Determinant
Series Lifespan Dragon Age: Origins to present. (Determinant)


Dragon Age :The Stolen ThroneEdit

Shale is seen to be under the control of Wilhem when Maric and Loghain meet at the main rebel camp. It is later seen again in Gwaren.

Dragon Age: OriginsEdit

It is first seen in a town called Honnleath, deactivated for a long time. The Warden tries to use the rod and its catchprhase to activate it, but it doesn't work.After The Warden rescues the villagers including Matthias, who revealed the real catchphrase. The Warden activated it and Shale asks where to go or to stay with The Warden.

During a mission they will encounter Caridan, who forged Shale into a golem many years ago. Is Shale is presnet it will learn how it was forged and that it was a "she" and a dwarf. If Warden sides with Paragon Branka , they are forced to kill Shale in combat. However if Warden sides with Caridan, Shale will survive the encounter. If Shale wasn't present a conversation will activate when The Warden returns to the camp.

It will remember later that it was found in Cadash Thaig. After a while they will find a registry of dwarves who volunteered to become golems to fight the Darkspawn. Shale's real name is revealed to be Shayle.

Dragon Age: AsunderEdit

Shale accompanies Wynne to an abanded Grey Warden outpost in Orlais. They meet a tranquil who's research can make Shale into a dwarf again. When Shale and Wynne reached the outpost they find it ovverun with demons. As Wynne leaves, Shale stays behind to make sure that nothing escapes the outpost. Later Shale joins a templar and Wynne on they're raid on the White Spire and destroys the phylacteries stored in there. Shale is later present at Wynne's funeral after she sacrificed herself.