Samesh Bhatia is a human widower on the Citadel during Mass Effect.

Samesh Bhatia
Samesh Bhatia
Species Human
Voice Actor Unknown
a.k.a. Mr. Bhatia
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Homeworld Unknown
Family Wife - Mrs. Bhatia (Deceased)
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2


Mass EffectEdit


Samesh waited for Commander Shepard at the embassies to ask for they're help. He asks the commander to find Clerk Bosker and convince him to give his wife's body to him. If Ashley is present she will comment that his wife was in her squad on Eden Prime. He confrims that he wants to give a proper funeral for his wife.

Shepard finds Bosker and can get the body back or lose it to the Alliance. Returning to Samesh, Shepard can either ressure him that his wife is coming back home or tell him about the Alliance conducting tests on her body.

He leaves after the mission either to get his wife's body or leave with nothing.

Mass Effect 2Edit

If Samesh's wife's body was returned to him, he will send a message to Shepard two years later. Revealing that he opened the restaurant where Alliance soldiers eat for free.


  • (Wife):Nirala Bhatia(Deceased)