Roland is one of the main heroes and Vault Hunters in Borderlands 1. He makes a return in Borderlands 2, but not as a Vault Hunter and primary hero. He's girlfriend was Lillith before they took a break. He is also the leader of the Crimson Raiders.

Species Human
Voice Actor Oliver Tull (Borderlands)

Markus Lloyd (Borderlands 2)

a.k.a. Crimson Leader

Vault Hunter

Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Homeworld Pandora
Family Ex-Girlfriend - Lilith
Status Dead
Occupation Vault Hunter (Formerly)

Crimson Raiders Leader (Formerly)

First Appearance Borderlands
Last Appearance Borderlands 2
Death Episode Borderlands 2
Cause of Death Shot in the chest by Handsome Jack
Series Lifespan Borderlands to Borderlands 2



Roland, also known as "The Soldier", is the leader of the Vault Hunters and a playable character. He and the others open the vault at the end of the game.

Borderlands 2Edit

Roland and his team(Brick, Lillith and Mordecai) formed the Crimson Raiders after they defeated General Knoxx. They were originaly station on New Haven but was destroyed by Hyprion who "killed" Lillith.

They relocated to Sanctuary thereafter. Roland broke up with Lillith to protect Sanctuary while she is busy with the bandits.

Before he meets the new Vault Hunters ,he gets kidnapped by the bloodshots, but gets rescued by them and Lillith. After he was rescued he returns as the Crimson leader and gives the heroes missions.

During the strike against the Angel core, he helps the Vault Hunters to get the key. He lowers the shields to Angel's injectors while the others destroys it. He goes to retrieve the vault key after Angel dies but gets shot by Handsome Jack. The Old and current Vault Hunters then mourns him.