Rapunzel is a princess who has very long her that people are able to climb. She is kept trapped inside a tower by the manifestation of her fearful self.

Species Fable


Voice Actor Alexandra Metz
a.k.a. Princess Rapunzel
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Homeworld Enchanted Forest
Family Unnamed King

Unnamed Queen

Unnamed Brother (Deceased)

Status Alive
Occupation Princess
Series Lifespan "The Tower" to present.
Original Source Rapunzel


Once Upon A Time Season 3Edit

"The Tower"Edit

She is first seen from her window looking at Prince Charming who is digging up roots. She calls him for help since he was the first person there for a very long time. She throws down her hair and lets Charming climb up. She tells him what happened in her past and how she got stuck in the tower, making Charming to promise her about rescuing her from the tower.

A cloaked figure starts climbing on Rapunzel's hair to reach them. Upon seeing the cloaked witch, it is shown to be a manifestation of her fearful self. Charming tries to convince Rapunzel to fight her fears but he gets thrown out of the window. Charming tells her if she wants to fight off the fear manifestation or die alone in a tower. She cuts off her hair to let the manifestation fall.

Charming takes her back to her parents who searched for her for years. She finally happily lives with her family.



  • Fear Manifestation