The Mysterious Clone is the counterpart of Commander Shepard and the primary villain in Mass Effect 3: Citadel.  The Clone tries to steal the real Commander Shepard's identity and works with Maya Brooks.
  Mysterious Clone
Mystery Face
Actor Male - Mark Meer
Female - Jennifer Hale
Gender Male or Female
Hair Various
Occupation CAT6 Leader
Normandy Captain (Formerly)
First Appearance Mass Effect: Foundation
Last Appearance Mass Effect 3
Death Mass Effect 3
Cause of Death Fell to death
Status Dead
Clone Gallery


Mass Effect 3: CitadelEdit

Sushi Bar FightEdit

The clone hires CAT6 to kill the original Commander Shepard while they are on shoer leave.

Silversun Strip Casino HeistEdit

The clone orders Maya Brooks to loosen up some loose ends with Khan(the casino boss).

Shepard finds a recording with the clone's audio dealings with Khan.

The ArchivesEdit

Shepard and their friends/squad arrives at the Archives to find the clone. It was revealed that the clone lured Shepard into a trap, letting them into the Archives. The clone orders Samantha Traynor to get the Normandy ready for an emergency. They leave their CAT6 mercanaries to kill the Commander and their friends.

It later reveals to have pretended to hold Brooks hostage, only to reveal that she is working with the clone. They reveal that they were used as as a second body during the Lazarus Project if Cerberus needed a spare part for the real Commander Shepard. The clone leaves Shepard and his team trapped in a vault while it takes over the Normandy.

Normandy Battle on the CitadelEdit

The clone has fully taken control of the Normandy and has put their "cannon fodder" CAT6 mercanaries around the ship. Shepard reaches the cargo hold and starts a fight with the Clone in a N7 armor and their abilities.

Shepard tackles the clone, forcing them to thumble nearly over the end of the ramp. When Shepard's friends help them up, the clone asks Shepard why are thay so special and not them. Shepard can let the clone fall or try to help it up, but it refuses to live on. They fall to their death after the fight.