Maya Brooks is a former Cerberus operative who gave Commander Shepard the dossiers for the suicide mission. She worked with the Mysterious Clone.

Maya Brooks
Maya Brook Evil Face
Species Human
Voice Actor Unknown Actor
a.k.a. Rasa

Hope Lilium

Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Homeworld Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Determinant
Occupation Alliance Intelligence (Fake)

Cerberus Operative (Formerly)

Death Episode Mass Effect 3: Citadel
Cause of Death Shot in the back by Shepard or a squadmate.
Series Lifespan Mass Effect Foundation to Mass Effect 3


Mass Effect 3Edit

Citadel DLCEdit

Brooks first meets Commander Shepard at a sushi bar and tells them about new people trying to kill them. CAT6 assaults the sushi bar and captures Brooks. Shepard manages to get a weapon to rescue her. Trying to escape she gets shot while Shepard falls through the water floor. Maya recovers from her injury with medi-gel that made her jumpy. She helps Shepard through the mecanaries and escapes with them to their apartment.

The rest of Shepard's crew comes to a meeting. They all agree on going to the casino and question Elijah Khan. Even though the team found Elijah dead, they managed to recover some data from the computer.The data points them to the Citadel Archives and they leave the casino.

Brooks joins the team to the archives. She later leads Shepard into a trap and reveals her role in their suicide mission. She also reveals that she was always working with the Mysterious Clone. She and the clone leaves Shepard and their squad trapped in the archives until Glyph frees them.

Shepard catches up to Brooks and the clone before they could depart with the Normandy. The two of them fight Shepard and their team in the cargo hold. When the clone begged for her to help she just stood and watched how the clone died. Brooks gets cuffed by Steve Cortez and is taken away by the Alliance. However Shepard or a squadmember can shoot her in the back, killing her. If she is alive she will escape from the prison.




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