Matthew Bridge
Actor Wylie Herman
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Unknown
Family Boyfriend - Walter (Deceased)
First Appearance "A House Divided"
Last Appearance "A House Divided"
Death Episode "A House Divided"
Cause of Death Fatally shot in the neck by Nick and fell over the bridge.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "A House Divided"
Dying Matthew on Bridge
Matthew is fatally shot in the neck by a panicked Nick. Then fell over the bridge.
Matthew is a gay asian survivor who appears in The Walking Dead Game Season Two. He is presumed to be the leader of the Lodge Survivors.


The Walking Dead Game Season TwoEdit

"A House Divided"Edit

Matthew first appears on the bridge approaching Clementine and Luke. He asks who they are and where they are going. He starts to offer some food to them but gets interrupted by a trigger-happy Nick. Seeing the man has a gun, Matthew points his rifle at Nick. Luke and Clementine tries to stop Nick but fails. Matthew gets fatally shot in the neck and falls off the bridge.

The Cabin Survivors stops by Matthew's station. Clementine looks for food while searching the station. She finds Matthew's survival knife that his boyfriend, Walter gave him when the apacolypse started.

He gets mentioned a lot by the Lodge Survivors. His group starts to worry since he hasn't come back to the lodge. Walter finds Matthew's knife in Clementine's bag and questions her about his death. Matthew is lastly seen in a photograph of him and Walter.



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