Matriarch Benezia is a powerful asari biotic. She is Liara T'Soni's mother and Matriarch Aethyta's bondmate. When the council hears about the evidence, they were suprised that Benezia was with Saren because this is not apart of her character. She is a antagonist in Mass Effect.

Matriarch Benezia
Species Asari
Voice Actor Marina Sirtis
Hair Matriarch Headware
Eyes Blue
Homeworld Thessia
Family Former Partner - Aethyta

Daughter - Liara T'Soni

Status Dead
Occupation Matriarch

Saren's Executor

Death Episode Mass Effect
Cause of Death Killed by Commander Shepard on Noveria.
Series Lifespan Mass Effect


Mass EffectEdit

Benezia discovers Saren's plan to aid the Reapers and joined him to try and guide him in a less destructive path. She gives her followers a choice to help her with this plan or the followers stay since the plan is dangerous. People like Shiala believed in Benezia and stayed to help her with Saren.Benezia tries to prevent Saren's insanity.

But Sovereign is too powerful and enslaves her to Saren's will, with her remaing followers. Benezia becomes Saren's second-in-command and advisor. When Benezia tells Saren about Commander Shepard using the prothean beacon. Saren enters in a rage and nearly attacked Benezia but restrained himself and orders her to ensure that Commander Shepard dies.

Benezia later travels to Peak 15, to find the Rachni Queen and locate the Mu Relay. She is also accompanied by asari cammandos to help her through Peak 15. Benezia was aware of the commander following her, so she brings Geth with her to attack Shepard. She leaves agents such as Alestia Iallis behind to ensure that Shepard does not follow her.

After Shepard and the squad fought through geth,agents and rachni, they find her waiting for them. Even with Liara T'Soni present she doesn't stop fighting with Shepard. She sends her commandos and uses her biotics against Shepard. They finally defeat Benezia thereafter.

She kep a piece of her mind away from the indoctrination and told Shepard and Liara about the Mu Relay and it's location.She also tells Liara that she is very proud of her and she loses her mind to  Sovereign]]. She turns against Shepard and Liara, forcing them to kill her.