Lord Business, also known as "President" Business is the main antagonist in The Lego Movie, who plans to change the brick universe into his image.
  Lord Business
Lord Business
Actor Will Ferrell
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation President


Leader of Octan
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Lego Movie
Status Alive
Series Lifespan The Lego Movie to present.


He is first seen in the prologue fighting against Vitruvius, blinding him in the process and obtains the Kragle. He didn't seem nervous when he heard about the prophecy from Vitruvius.

He is the president of Bricksburg and sends Bad Cop to capture Emmet, believing he is the chosen one that the prophecy spoke of.  He meets with Bad Cop in his relic room and glues his parents, Ma Cop and Pa Cop, to toughen up Bad Cop.

Later he sends his robots and Bad Cop to destroy Cloud Cukoo Land and capture the master builders.

He eventually captures Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, Benny, Uni-Kitty, Metalbeard and Batman. He kills Vitruvius, which upsets Emmet so much. He puts everyone except for Emmet in machines that uses their minds to build his products. He rants Emmet that he is a nobody and that he will watch as his city crumble. Emmet sacrifices himself to save the master builders from expolding and gave Wyldstyle a chance to be a hero.

Business sends all of his micro-managers to glue all of the citizens and have his world ready. He has a last confratation with Emmet and he was convinced by him that he is the special. Business destoys the Kragle with the piece of resistance. He is last seen watering flowers and tells everyone he has a antidote for the Kragle.