Geoffrey Librom is the former partner of Magusar and turned himself into a book to find someone strong enough to defeat Magusar.

Geoffrey Librom
Librom Book
Vital statistics
Position Sorcerer(Formerly)

Book of Monsters

Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Soul SacrificeEdit

Librom is first found by The Sorcerer in a pile of bones. He tells the sorcerer how to defeat Magusar, but only if they become strong enough to take him on in battle. Librom later tells the sorcerer about the lacrima and its value.

He serves as a guise throughout the game and talks to his "friend".

It is revealed that if the sorcerer reads through the entire story, Librom is revealed to be the powerful sorcerer from the pages they have read.

Librom sacrifices himself so that the sorcerer can escape the cage and to fight Magusar.(Only is the story was completed).