Illecebra is a villain and monster from Soul Sacrifice. She was the partner of Magusar before Librom came and she created a twin who she saw as a daughter.

Vital statistics
Position Sorceress


Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Soul SacrificeEdit

Illecebra first appeared to be stalking Magusar and Librom. After being discovered she tries to convince Magusar that he was her former partner and that she doesn't want to die alone. She survives the fight and escapes.

Librom believed that because of her appearance being so similiar to Sortiara, that she was he's mother. She keeps yelling that she isn't he's mother and attacks them before the Cerberus attacks.

She is then lured into a trap that was set by the two sorcereres. Librom then reveals that she is Sortiara's clone/mother and that her child is in his arm. Illecebra is then defeated in combat but transforms into a monster. She is once again defeated by the two of them and is ultimately sacrificed.

Her soul cured Librom's disease for blood and violence.




  • She is called "Morgan" in the japanese version of the game.