Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Occupation Blackwell Academy Student
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Chrysalis"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Chrysalis" to present.

Evan is a character that appeared in Life is Strange.

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Heading for the girls' bathroom, Max Caulfield spots Evan hanging around Alyssa, playing with his cell phone. Before heading for the Prescott Dormitory, Max spots Evan sitting at one of the campus' bench tables. Max asked for a look at his portfolio.

Evan inquired if she could identify the photographer who took the photograph, “ The Falling Soldier”. If she got the answer right, she was "worthy" of looking at his portfolio. Max answers Robert Cappa, and Evan allows her to look at his work.

Browsing his portfolio, Max notices that Evan photographed Rachel Amber at least twice in 2012. Evan explained that Rachel was his favorite model because she knew how to work with him. When Max asked if he knew Rachel, Evan states they were close, "like brother and sister".

Unlike members of the Vortex Club (with whom she hung out with) Rachel never nudged him or anyone else she befriended. She respected and understood him. Similar to Hayden, when Max asked what he thought what happened to Rachel Amber, Evan didn't think anything good happened to her following her disappearance.

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Life is StrangeEdit

  • "Chrysalis"