The Collector General is the leader of the Collectors and is the first victim to Harbinger's control.

Collector General
Collector General
Vital statistics
Position Harbinger(Formerly)

Collector Leader

Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Mass Effect IncursionEdit

The Collector General made deals with various criminals in the Terminus Systems in exchange for live test subjects.

Mass Effect: AscensionEdit

The General took an interest in humans after Commander Shepard defeated Sovereign at the Citadel. It sent a agent, who is a exile from the magriant fleet, Golo, to aqquire two human biotics, Gillian Grayson and Hendel Mitra. But Golo got killed, thus failing the mission.

Mass Effect: RedemptionEdit

Because of Golo's failure, the General sent a Collector warship to destroy Commander Shepard's ship, the Normandy. However, this was its plan. It wanted Shepard and a few crewmates to get killed during the attack. Achieving to get Shepard killed, the General made a deal with The Shadow Broker to aqquire their body. An agent, Feron told the General to pay full upfront, but the General got mad from the accusation of betrayal and went to the Broker itself. It found out that Feron betrayed the Broker alongside Liara T'Soni, who managed to get Shepard's body away from the Collectors.

Mass Effect 2Edit

"Attacking Clonies"Edit

When it failed to get Shepard's body, it ordered the Collectors to attack various human colonies to begin the creation of the Human-Reaper. Cerberus managed to find out about the missing colonies and the role of the Collectors, so they resurrected Shepard to fight back.


If Shepard goes to save Amanda Kenson before doing the suicide mission, then in the end, instead of Harbinger, it will be talking to Shepard about the Reapers return.

"Suicide Mission"Edit

Shepard's team launched an assault on the Collector Base after they abducted they entire crew of the Normandy. When the team first arrived at the galaxies core, the General sends everything to stop them, including the warship that killed Shepard in the first place. Failing, the team managed to reach where the Human-Reaper is being constructed. The General sneds more collectors to handel the suicide team. Shepard destroys or sabotages the base to kill all collectors inside. Before the team could escape, the Human-Reaper awakened and got destroyed by Shepard's team.

In the final moments of its life, Harbinger left and the General look at the incoming explosion/ radiation pulse.