Harmful Becca
Actor Brett Pels
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Presumed Student (Formerly)
Family Sister - Shel
First Appearance "400 Days"
Last Appearance '400 Days" or "In Harm's Way"
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan "400 Days" to present. (Unknown)

Becca is a tough teen and the sister of Shel in 400 Days. She also appears in The Walking Dead:Season Two.


The Walking Dead GameEdit

"400 Days"Edit

Becca is first seen with her sister, Shel escaping from Walkers near Gil's Pitstop.

She later plays guitar for her group to lighten up the mood. Every time when Roman tries to tell how he was in a band, her friend Stephanie interruptes before he can tell. She and Stephanie checks up on the weapons and flashlights. After Shel feeds the walkers outside, Becca scares her sister. Stephanie quickly called for Shel and Becca to help her find Roman. They find him, Joyce, Clive and Boyd with a beated up man who Roman tied up. The group decides what to do with the man and let's Shel decide the final choice. Becca will respond with Shel's choice thereafter.

She and Shel plays cards inside the r.v. Becca tells her sister to kill Stephanie for trying to steal they're supplies. She will watch how Shel kills Stephanie or she yells at Shel for driving away from the group with the r.v.


Becca helps the group decide of going with Tavia to her community. When Bonnie tells the group about going, Becca will tell her nobody can be truthul or lying to a friend. If Stephanie wasn't killed she and Shel goes with Tavia. Otherwise they stay behind unless Tavia tells them about people of all ages at her community.

The Walking Dead Game Season TwoEdit

"In Harm's Way"Edit

She and Shel can appear at Howe's Harware if they went with Tavia. Becca asks who Clementine is and that she wanted Sarah gone since she thinks she's a baby.



Appearances Edit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • "In Harm's Way" (Determinant)